Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Noodle Arms

Sunday I went water skiing on the Columbia River with some friends of my parents. It was the first time I'd been drug around behind a boat in over 2 years (I think...maybe even longer). I was sitting there in the water with a slalom ski strapped to my foot and I yelled "hit it!". Then I panicked. How do you do this again?? Right then the boat took off and it felt like my arms were being pulled from their sockets and I let go of the rope. Oh yeah, that's what happens. The boat came around and my dad was laughing. "Forget how to do this" he said. I grabbed the rope again, got ready, yelled "hit it" and was up out of the water in seconds. It was a great feeling to be on a ski again, cutting across the wake, spray in my face. Sort of like riding a bike, you don't really every forget. Once I'd gone for a while I dropped off and my arms were shaking. They still hurt. As my dad would say - "Noodle Arms".

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