Friday, August 17, 2007

Freeway Fright 2007

No I'm not kidding, that is really what they were calling it. For those of you not in the Seattle area, Freeway Fright 2007 is the closing of multiple lanes on NB I5 for construction. Those of us who live in West Seattle were prepared for the worst. But thanks to scaring the bejezus out of everyone Freeway Fright 2007 has been pretty manageable so far. I've been riding the 6:20am bus into work and mostly riding the Elliott Bay Water Taxi home and other than increased numbers in the ridership of both vehicles the commute has been pretty light. I think there is a lesson to be learned here - get out of your car and take mass transit! Here is a note I posted on the West Seattle Blog today:
Something to take into consideration is not only the commute to downtown in the morning but the time you can save on your commute home in the afternoon by riding the reliable water taxi. I have found that while my bus in the morning gets me from my stop to downtown without hiccups it is the return trip that causes me the most grief. I can’t remember a time I’ve ridden the bus home after work and it has been on time - especially when there is an M’s game. I can remember so many times where a 21 express scheduled to stop at the stop I’m standing at 3 times during an hour doesn’t even show up until well into the next hour. For that reason alone I have been taking the water taxi about 3 times a week all summer long. I love the walk up the hill from the dock to my office (near Pacific Place). Great to get the blood pumping before settling into the work day. And one more note - the Argosy Crew is doing a great job of keeping the boats on time and keeping the commuters happy. I think we sometimes forget that this “carmagedon” is out of the norm for them as well.

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