Monday, August 20, 2007

When Deer Attack!

On Saturday Chris was sure I was going to be the next person highlighted on the show "When Animals Attack". We took off on Friday for the Anderson Island cabin and on Saturday morning we headed out to do some fishing. About an hour into it we decided to head across the passage to Devil's Head to fish the kelp bed where we've always had luck before. I was freaking out a little bit - being in the open water and all the huge boats around us - but the scariest thing that happened was we startled a harbor seal and it splashed around us a bit. When we got to the other side we found the kelp bed and started fishing. It was really eerie to be so close to the water and look down and see the slimy kelp waving about. We weren't having much luck so I headed towards shore to try and fish a bit there. I managed to get my line tangled in a fallen down tree and was fighting to get it unhooked when all of a sudden Chris yelled "Courtney, behind you". I turned just in time to see a one antlered crazed looking deer running down the hillside, into the water, and swim towards me. Chris was yelling at me to peddle away but I was still all tangled in the tree so I started yelling and screaming (seemed like the right thing to do!!). I think I scared it with my screaming and it turned around, swam back to shore, and ran back up the hillside with the same crazed look on its face. That has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had.

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Roberta said...

Who knew screaming like a girl actually works?! I wonder why it never works in horror films? :-)

By the way, there was a documentary on PBS recently about sharks that hunt deer that swim from island to island in search of food. Who knew deer swam? And who knew shark found them tastee?

Maybe the deer thought you were a breed of screaming shark (I mean you're kayak is shark-grey).


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