Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pedometer Free

I took off my pedometer after the 3rd day of the 3Day and I haven't put it back on since. It is actually sitting on my dresser at home dead to the world (apparently the battery has passed). I still find myself counting my steps in my head when I'm walking to/from the bus and also reach down instinctively every now and then thinking it is still hooked to my pants. I guess that's what you get after wearing one for 24 weeks straight. I think I'll find something else to obsess over this winter. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Um, you could always take up quilting! Quilters are quite obsessed, or is that possessed? he he he

KikiRiki said...

Hmm... Quilting eh? I bet I know someone that could teach me how :)

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