Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Covet

I have a very strong desire to order a pink laptop. I've actually been thinking that I'd like a personal laptop for home. So I can blog from anywhere, shop from bed, read bloglines in the backyard, etc. But yesterday I found out that they make pink laptops. And blue, green, brown, yellow, red, etc........but pink! And for some reason, now I must have one.

When I was little I hated pink. Pink was putting me in a category I didn't think I belonged in. My mom always claims that my hatred for pink stemmed from me getting something like 100 pink dresses when I was born. I'm pretty sure I don't remember that, but I guess that could be why.

Either way, I've outgrown that hatred, and for some reason now I must have things in pink. Including a laptop that I really don't "need" but that I now really really "want". Really. Bad.

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