Saturday, December 08, 2007

Invasion of the Jones Family

Time to start getting the house ready for the invasion of the Jones Family. Jeff just called and they are going to be on the road from Portland soon (luckily I-5 is back open). Mom and dad will also be leaving shortly from Wenatchee. Soon they will all converge on our tiny little house for the weekend. We'll be going on the early sailing of the Christmas ship today at 4pm! We planned this last year also but sadly we had no power the weekend we planned it for and had to cancel. I was a basket case when I found out I-5 might still be closed today but luckily it is back open and they should be able to make it in time! I'm really looking forward to having the whole family in one place again. It has been since last spring that we've all been together. Uncle Chris can't wait to show the girls the Christmas ship. I'm fairly certain we will be spoiling them rotten on board with blinky lights and funny hats.

Viva la Christmas Ship!

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