Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fundraising Update: $240!

Yes, it is that time of year again. The time when I begin to obsess about how much money I've raised and how many training miles I've logged.

So here goes. Training miles logged - technically Zero. Funds raised - $240. Time to step it up a notch I suppose.

Training walks for the Warming Hut Hotties officially start on March 29th and I'll be leading the first one (6 or so miles)!! 5 team members registered as training walk leaders this year so that we can share the responsibility. We've even put together a public calendar so we can plan ahead.

This year I sent a fund raising mailer out to what I'll call the Wenatchee Contingent. Friends and family from that beautiful town in Central Washington who I can always count on for support. Last year I only sent out emails, no mailers, and only to my friends and coworkers from my email address book. This time I broke out my good old fashioned paper bound address book, printed out a flyer on actual paper (pink no less), and mailed it out using actual postage. I even used 3day stickers and a pink ribbon stamp. I sent these mailers out last Saturday and I've already received a $100 pledge online (Thanks Sue & Mark!!) and my mother is apparently delivering a $50 check today (Thanks Chuck & Janice!).

In other fund raising news, tomorrow is the 5% day at the Redmond Whole Foods. If you're anywhere near there, and hungry/thirsty tomorrow please stop in and purchase something! 5% of all proceeds goes to the Seattle Warming Hut Hotties 3day team! I'll be taking the day off work to be at the store handing out flyers and answering questions. I'm really looking forward to it and hope that it is a big success. My parents are heading over today to be supportive and help out with the event. Again, I have the best parents ever.

One last fund raising note. I'm starting to develop plans for this summer's Boobie-Que. Chris and I are going to throw a big BBQ at our house, charging admission, with all proceeds going to the 3day walk! We haven't picked the exact date yet, probably June or July.

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3daywalker2008 said...

I heard the event went well and that Stephanie was amazing, is this true?

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