Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quite a Morning

If the events of this morning are any indication, I should go home and go back to bed.

First, I woke up at my usual time, took my usual shower, combed my usual hair, and went to grab for my usual toothbrush when bamn(!!), unusual yellow jacket perched on the tooth paste giving me look of death. I'm not a fan of bug, spiders, bees or snakes at all so I did what I normally do in a situation like this and went and woke Chris up. He gave it some wackers with a newspaper and I was free to go about my business once again. I finished getting ready, drove to work, and settled into my desk.

Then the next event occurred. I decided to go to the kitchen and toast my English Muffin. Doesn't sound like that big of deal right? Well we don't have a toaster. But we do have an oven with a broil feature. So, technically I broiled my English Muffin and applied Simply Jif. I then filled up my coffee cup and headed back towards my desk. At that same moment someone came through our front door setting off the chime, causing my co-worker to sprint towards the door to see who it was. At the exact moment she passed the hallway to the kitchen (in a dead run by this time) I stepped right into her path, totally oblivious. Result: WABAMN!! My coffee went flying, my muffin went flying, the plate my muffin was on smacked the ground and wound up in multiple pieces. I was in shock, and covered in coffee. And my poor muffin, the littlest casualty, ended up in the garbage.

I think I'll go home and back to bed.

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