Monday, March 17, 2008

Wasn't it just Friday?

Wow, that weekend just flew by. I'm not even sure there was a weekend. I think it might have been a mirage. I'm pretty sure I didn't accomplish anything this weekend, and yesterday itself is quite a blur.

Saturday Chris and I had an in home appointment with Washington Energy Services to do an estimate for replacing our windows. We knew that getting new windows wasn't going to be cheap but I don't think either of us realized exactly how much it was going to cost. Needless to say the quote to replace all of the windows in our house came in at just under $14,000. I think I'm still in shock. And that wasn't even for the fancy wood windows. That was fiberglass, no fancy stuff, windows. Oh, but they do have a 10 year 7.99% financing option and we'd only owe $149 a month. *sigh*. I think we'll move forward with getting additional quotes but I'm not sure we'll actually be getting any new windows anytime soon.

After that disappointment we decided to treat ourselves to a night out in West Seattle. We tried the newly moved Pegasus Pizza. The food was great and they had Manny's on tap (major plus as usual). Our server was super nice and attentive and their new location is WAY better than their old one. One of the main reasons I didn't like going to the old location was how dirty and grimy it always seemed. Well this place was sparkling clean (of course it is completely new too). I'll be interested to see how long that lasts. I'll surely be trying it again though. Yummy!

Sunday morning came way too fast. I had signed up for the St. Patrick's Day Dash and was to pick up my friend Christy at 7:30am. I've done quite a few of these "fun run" type events and knew exactly what to expect but I think Christy might have been thrown a little off by it. It was super crowded, freezing cold, and there were some really crazy outfits. We had to wait around in the cold for about an hour (we both over obsess about being places early), but by the time the race actually started it had warmed up nicely. The course was great. We started at the Seattle Center on Mercer Street wound our way around the center and onto the 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) where we were treated to a fabulous view of Elliott Bay. The sun was out, the ferries were ferrying, and it was pretty awesome to be on foot where usually only speeding cars are allowed. The dash ended at Qwest Field and we treated ourselves to beers at the Elysian Fields to celebrate.

All in all it was a pretty mellow, fun weekend, but it went WAY too fast. *sigh* Back to work....

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