Thursday, April 24, 2008

LA Fitness - Shame On You!

It's the little things that have begun to eat away at me. I've posted before about how in the beginning I loved my new gym, but then it ate another gym and soon I couldn't fit in the locker room. Well, it has continued to slowly go downhill. So beings a short rant about the things that are currently bothering me at my new gym.
  • The training staff - the are a bunch of stuck up teenagers. They stand around and eat fast food and look up videos on YouTube at the training desk. And yet they keep calling me over and over again to set up my "free" training session. No thank you!
  • The equipment - It seems like everyday something new is broken. Today many of the elliptical machines had "out of order" signs on them. Lame.
  • The front desk staff - ummm...I'm pretty sure they don't have personalities. Double lame.
  • The showers - with the influx of new members the showers have gotten progressively worse. Today there was what I believe to be the hide of a Sasquatch caught in the drain of the shower I was in. Ewww.
  • The maintenance staff - these guys stood behind me as I worked out on the elliptical trainer for about 1/2 hour yesterday discussing how some of the equipment was malfunctioning. I hate when people who are not working out stand around in a group talking super loud behind you as you sweat profusely. It's rude. Triple lame. (oh and as noted in the 2nd bullet - they didn't fix anything).
  • The locker rooms - still very overcrowded. And many of the lockers are broken.
  • NO MORE HAIRDRYERS - today I got out of the shower, got dressed, and went to the counter to dry my hair. Yesterday there were four hairdryers. Today there were zero. Gee thanks. Not a sign anywhere warning us. How hard would it be for one of the training staff to run to the store and buy a new one? Oh right, they're too busy with their YouTube!
So, I went to the website for this club today with the intent of outlining some of these items. And guess what. They don't have an option to email them! They have a 1-800 number that routes to somewhere in Arizona and a "mailing" address. WHO SENDS SNAIL MAIL ANYMORE?! So one more item to add to the list:
  • Their website - it sucks. Guess I'll get out my pad and pen and write a letter. Yeah right.

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