Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome Back Water Taxi!

Today was the opening day of the 2008 West Seattle Water Taxi Season. I went down to Seacrest to watch Chris working crowd control. There was a live band (Once), a clown, and free ice cream from the Husky Deli (YUMMY!). The weather wasn't as good as they predicted but there was still a good sized crowd down at Seacrest. Captain Joe was driving the taxi today and doing a darn fine job. I'm exited to see the water taxi back in action, but sad because I won't be riding it as much this year (darn Bellevue!). Here are some photos I took of Chris working, Joe on the boat, Dow Constantine speaking and Chris's boss Kevin Clark speaking. Fun times!

Chris acting important:
april2008 119
Here comes the taxi!
april2008 122
Captain Joe:
april2008 126
Chris watching Dow speak:
april2008 130
Chris watching Kevin speak:
april2008 132

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