Monday, April 28, 2008

Backyard Update - Pearl Arbor

We're finally making some serious progress on our backyard project. As a reminder, here is what we started with, this was the first phase, and this was the second phase. As soon as the warmer dry weather hit this spring Chris began the next phase that we refer to as Pearl Arbor. He finished this phase this past weekend. In addition we spend time, and numerous trips to nurseries, planting out the raised flower beds and building our pots path up the stairs to the deck. Sadly it began to rain yesterday before I got my pictures taken, but try to imagine what this will be like in full sunshine! I'm really beginning to love our backyard!

Pearl Arbor
2008backyard 001
2008backyard 006
2008backyard 008
Hops on Pearl Arbor
2008backyard 009
Stone Kitty and the Apple Tree
2008backyard 012
Pots Path
2008backyard 014
2008backyard 016
Stone Rabbit and the Rose Bush
2008backyard 004


Lily said...

You two are welcome to come work in my yard whenever you want. Thanks for making me feel like such a landscape underachiever.

KikiRiki said...

Sure it looks all nice and stuff when it is done, but trust me it is a LOT OF WORK! Lucky for me my husband has more grand plans in store for the backyard. Stay tuned for more updates, as long as my credit card holds out :)

Roberta said...

Your backyard looks fantastic!

Now all it's missing is me chillaxing on a hammock. :-)

Anonymous said...

So, where was your husband's talent hiding when he was a kid, and his mom could have used some yard help, hmmm?

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