Thursday, May 08, 2008

ANOTHER Yard Work Post

Because that is what I do now. I go to work everyday and when I return home I change into my outside clothes and begin to work on the yard.

Yesterday I tackled the sword ferns (also known as Polystichum Munitum) in our front yard. I hate these ferns. I personally think they look pretty nasty. But that is probably due to the fact that we don't stay on top of trimming them. Or the fact that last year I went out to prune them, too early, and pruned a few of them to the ground. Now we have a couple of mounds of dead fern. Go me.

Anyway, yesterday I pruned the ones in the front yard being careful not to overdue it this time. They actually look much better now. Once I finished that I looked at the driveway and noticed clumps of weeds and moss growing up through the cement. Into the garage I went and got out the hoe. Then I began to jab repeatedly at the culprits. I got a little out of control in a few spots and may have taken up some of the driveway as well (oops).

After a while our driveway looked like the site of the great weed war of 2008. Dead weeds lay everywhere, dirt was strewn across the land, and bits of moss were scattered like dead soldiers on the battlefield. I had won and the victory was glorious.

I proceeded to pick up the weeds and moss but the dirt was proving to be difficult. I did manage to move it all over the driveway with the push broom though and I stood to look over my accomplishment.

Right about then Chris returned home and looked at what I was doing and said "Boy, that's going to be a big mess of mud the next time it rains".

I hate yard work.

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Anonymous said...

for getting those pesky weeds, fill a spray bottle with vinegar, spray the weeds when the sun is out, and they will croak.

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