Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dear Fitness Center

Oh dear fitness center, why must you fail me so? When I go to step onto the elliptical machine must it be covered in dirt? And the next machine, and the next? And why, oh why, are your trainers playing football in the lobby, while their trainees are trying to stretch? And really, dear fitness center, how hard is it to get new hairdryers? I know that you tried by leaving the sob story of a note on the wall about how they were stolen and you will replace them in the future and that your members should bring their own and not rely on yours. Oh please, give me a break, there is a Bartell Drugs across the street and they have dryers. And the hair in the showers, I'm pretty sure I saw it move on its own today.

Yet, dear fitness center you must have done something right, as the front desk girl looked up when I came in today. That was pleasant. You should promote her.

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