Monday, May 12, 2008

We're a 4 Kayak Family!

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Ever since Chris's sister Angie's beau Brandon used one of our kayaks last summer it has been all he could talk about. He was determined that by this summer he and Angie would have a set just like ours. Well, as of a couple weeks ago he got his wish. We are now a 4 Kayak Family. On Saturday, after a trip to visit the grandparents (grandma fell and broke her arm so we went down to help do some chores) we took the kayaks to the Nisqually delta area. Chris has been bugging me to take the kayaks there for ages. Little did we know what he was getting us into.

We arrived there about 1.5 hours before low tide and put in at the Luhr Beach boat ramp and headed out. I should have known something was up when we passed all the kayakers going the other way (back to their cars).

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We peddled out around the perimeter of the Wildlife Refuge, fishing along the way (oh, and not catching a thing). We saw numerous harbor seals and a bald eagle perched on a piling. We peddled for about an hour when we noticed the sky turning darker. The boys kept fishing and fishing but Angie and I decided to head back towards the car.

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When Angie and I got back to the opening of the delta we couldn't tell where the channel of deep water was, all we could see was the shallow areas. I told Angie to wait while I went in to check it out. It only took me about 5 minutes to get completely stuck in the mud. Luckily Angie hadn't followed. I rocked and rocked and tried to dig my way out with my paddle. After about 15 minutes of constant struggle I was finally freed by the mud and floated back out to Angie. By then the boys had noticed what was happening and joined us at the delta.

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Then the rain began to pour down.

Brandon led the charge and we made our way slowly up the deep spots of the delta. Each of us got stuck numerous times and we had to pull our peddle drives out of the water and only use our paddles (keep in mind I was cussing Chris under my breath the entire time). Chris of course kept fishing the entire time and managed to catch a flounder, and Angie was dive bombed by the bald eagle.

After about an hour of that we finally reached the boat ramp and were able to get out and pull our kayaks up along the mud to the concrete. By the time we reached the cars we were completely soaked and covered in mud.

NOT my idea of a fun kayak trip........Next time Angie and Brandon get to pick the location.

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Anonymous said...

Love your narrative! Although a bit challenging at times - we still had fun! Thanks to you for taking good care of me! :)

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