Thursday, July 24, 2008

Backyard Garden In Bloom

At the beginning of the summer I posted some pictures of our somewhat remodeled backyard. This was before the warm weather and sun hit Seattle. Here are some updated pictures of the backyard, in full bloom!

View from the deck:
2008JulyGarden 008

Giant Sunflower. We didn't plant any of these sunflowers. They are scattered about by the birds who eat at our feeders. We don't keep too many of them, but this one we let grow and look at the size!
2008JulyGarden 001

Chris says that this is called Cottage Garden style:
2008JulyGarden 002

My pots finally bloomed:
2008JulyGarden 003


Roberta said...

So pretty!

Stacey said...

very pretty. you must have a green thumb! :)

KermitFan said...

Beautiful! I'm soooo jealous...

KikiRiki said...

Thanks all! It is a lot of work but it is really starting to pay off :)

Angie said...

I'm so jealous - maybe someday. But, it won't be from me, but from Brandon. How come Chris got all the good genes and I got all the "leftovers"? Not fair! Can't cook, can't garden. Hmph!

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