Monday, August 18, 2008

The Pulpit

As I mentioned before I have a pulpit available to a good home. We love this pulpit and are truly sad to have to give it up but it no longer fits our lifestyle. We brought a new piece of furniture into the house and the pulpit does not get along with it, so the pulpit will have to go.

If you will love and cherish this pulpit I will not be asking for a rehoming fee. However, if I don't find him a new home soon he'll have to be posted on Craigslist and who knows what type of home it might end up in. Would you like to save our pulpit and give it the new home it truly deserves? Drop me a line.

Here is a picture of the pulpit with the Bible rest in it:

And here is the pulpit with the Bible rest removed (sack of concrete not included):


nm said...

I hart it, but I have no fireplace.

Anonymous said...

You could put a punched tin door on it and use it to keep your pies in? Refinish it and keep folded antique quilts in it? C'mon people, this is a prime piece!

nm said...

You might want to call re-store and see if they'll take it. You will get a nice tax write off and someone will be happy to come buy it from them.

Roberta said...

I'm curious how it is that you came to own a pulpit. There's got to be a story there.

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