Monday, September 08, 2008

2008 Seattle Warming Hut Hotties Walkluck Picnic

On Saturday the 2008 Seattle Warming Hut Hotties (who will be walking in the Breast Cancer 3day next weekend!) held their annual Walkluck Picnic at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. We had a blast. Wonderful food, friends, training stories, laughs and tears. We ended it with a short program to honor some special members of our team. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event. You can view the entire album here.

The Warming Hut Hotties banner that we will be carrying into closing ceremonies:

Our hottie swag bags complete with team shirt, team flag, pink ribbon tattoos, laminated cadence cards, pink bead necklaces and honorary hottie stickers:

Brian, our 2008 team mascot:

Melissa and Dennis gave the team co-captains (Stephanie, Adrienne and I) hot pink chairs adorned with the Warming Hut Hottie logo to rest in after the event.

Dennis surprised Melissa with her own pair of Hottie Wings (many tears were shed):

The team presented all the co-captains with Gene Juarez gift certificates to use on pampering after the event! We have the best team:

Me and my sister walker Angie!

Our team!

Family Photo!

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