Monday, September 08, 2008

The Route Is Announced

The 2008 Seattle Breast Cancer 3day route has been announced. Here is where I will be walking Friday - Sunday next weekend. Don't forget to come out and cheer us on if you're in the area. The designated cheering stations are listed here. I can't believe it is only 4 days away!!!

The Route
The route is well marked with arrows and instructional signage; simply follow the signs and the walkers in front of you! Here's a general description of what you will experience along the way:

After leaving the Opening Ceremony at Bellevue Community College on Friday, you will head north through the beautiful city of Bellevue. There will be plenty of shade as you walk downhill along the Lake Hills Connector. The route will pass through several lovely neighborhoods before heading into downtown Bellevue for lunch. The last few miles will take you into Redmond, through the Microsoft campus and on the Sammamish River Trail before heading into camp.

On Saturday, you will pass through the two great cities of Redmond and Kirkland. Then head north on the Sammamish River trail and then east into Kirkland. A beautiful lunch stop on the water is sure to make for a great photo op. The route will turn south through Kirkland into its quaint downtown and continue along the waterfront. On the way back to camp, you will pass through the tree-shaded Bridle trails area. The final stretch will go back into Redmond along the trail into camp.

After a short bus ride over Lake Washington on Sunday morning, you'll find yourself in Seattle near the beautiful University of Washington Arboretum. The day starts on a very shaded trail and travels over to the University. After a short walk through the gorgeous campus grounds, you will head west towards Green Lake. A brief walk around the lake travels close to the Woodland Park Zoo and down into the cute town of Wallingford. Heading south towards Lake Union, you will enjoy another beautiful lunch stop. You will then pass through the funky Fremont area before heading south into downtown. The final leg of the route travels through the heart of downtown, past the famous Pike Place Market and along the waterfront before heading through the Sculpture Garden and over to the Closing Ceremony at the Seattle Center.


Cheryl said...

The info I've found conflicts with what you have posted & I'm trying to find out specific information so I can cheer my sister on. Do you know where or who I can contact to get a more definitive map? Good luck on YOU walk!

KikiRiki said...

You can get supporter info from the 3day website:

Thanks for the well wishes. Wish your sister luck too!

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