Friday, October 31, 2008

Economic Downturn Hits Home

I've been watching my 401k, IRA and RothIRA dwindle, but I haven't been too worried. I have plenty of time until retirement right? But this week I was laid off from my job.

Stupid, stupid, lame, stupid economic downturn.

Luckily they treated me well as we parted and I have some time to find a new job. Anyone looking for a Project Manager?


Christy said...

You are a rock star for taking the chance with them and will be an asset to whatever company snatches you up. In the mean time, enjoy your break! You deserve it.

KRG said...

Well boo, and not as in Halloween boo! but just old boo.

KermitFan said...

Big HUGE bummer. Sorry that the economic downturn is knocking at your door (it's knocking at our household too... ugh).

Hopefully a great opportunity is around the corner for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Lily said...

Sorry to hear that. Here's to the trek to bigger and better things. [toast]

nm said...

Aw, Courtney, that sucks.

Really really really.

I wish I had a job for you now, but I do believe that you will land on your feet and do even better than before.


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