Wednesday, October 29, 2008


  • It is cold and foggy here in Seattle.
  • All of my hard work in the front yard this past summer is now covered in leaves.
  • We decided against carving pumpkins and purchased the Mr. Potato Head kits.
  • I really suck at Horror Movie Trivia.
  • Sunshine in the fall is very misleading.
  • My yoga class was canceled this week, I'm very sad.
  • I wonder if my brother ever came back from China.
  • I voted, now I wait in great anticipation.
  • In 5 days I will see the Foo Fighters perform.
  • We got a new front door. We put trim around the inside, but we still need to finish the outside.


KermitFan said...

That is one good looking door! I love the window...

KikiRiki said...

Thanks! I love how the window lets natural light into that corner. It was always so dark!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Back from China.

nm said...

I'm sorry about the leaves, but it will be lovely in the Spring. I love the idea of Mr. Joe the Potatohead.



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