Monday, October 27, 2008

We're What's For Breakfast!

Last night Chris and I went to the annual Argosy Cruises Halloween Party. The Argosy folks sure know how to throw a good party. It was held on the Spirit of Seattle, there were crew prices on drinks, karaoke, Halloween cookies, and dancing. Chris and I took the easy way out on our costumes this year and came as Bacon and Egg.

Cookie and Aren were all decked out as usual.

But my favorite of the evening was Kat!


nm said...

The best costumes I've seen so far. Ernest will be a spider and I will be the spider tamer.

KRG said...

Never ever de-claw your cat! Oh, I drove home wearing the costume (minus the cone) and got home, walked in the house, etc. My cat looked at me and puffed his tail up, arched his back and was mad! Ha ha! I tricked him.

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