Friday, March 27, 2009

Back in the Clouds

Well the sunshine that I was so excited about has once again escaped us here in Seattle.

The foggy grey/grayness is back.

I feel sorry for our yard.  If you've been playing the House Home Game for a while you'll remember that we spent most of last spring and summer transforming our dying, ugly grass into lush raised flowerbeds.  Flowerbeds that did not fare very well over the winter.  That are filled with dead / dying plants and weeds.  If only we could get a sunny day on the weekend......but no, the forecast still calls for a 90% chance of rain tomorrow.  Saturday, the one day a week that both Chris and I have off together.  The one day that we have blocked out so that we can take Jet to the dog park and then work in the yard.  90% chance of rain.  Time to do a sun dance I suppose to push that 10% chance of not rain into the lead......

Sadly I'm not much of a dancer.

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