Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jet's New Boyfriend

At the dog park today Jet meet a Basset Hound that really took a liking to him.

It was quite hilarious actually. As soon as this Basset caught wind of Jet he fell in love.

Everywhere Jet went the Basset would follow.

When Jet would stop, the Basset would slobber on his back and lick his ears.

If another dog tried to come near Jet the Basset would growl and bark until the other dog left.

It was actually quite creepy.

Finally we had to leave the park to escape the lovesick Basset. He followed us all the way to the gate and just stared at us with those sad Basset eyes as we left.

Jet seemed pretty happy to get away from him.

Jet and his boyfriend:


Vic said...

Cute... creepy, maybe, but cute... Glad we don't act like that... LOL

Lisa and company said...

Gotta love crazy stalker dogs! Poor Jet

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