Saturday, April 11, 2009

Street Racing

Last night Chris and I were caught in the middle of a street race of sorts, and not by choice.

We had gone to Ballard to have dinner with some friends and play a really fun game called The Farming Game. I kid you not, the name of this game was The Farming Game, and it takes place in Yakima.

We left their house around 10pm to head home, I was driving. We turned on the West Seattle Bridge from the 99 and I proceeded to move all the way over to the left, as I always do, so that at 35th we could make a left. We were about to crest the top of the bridge when all of sudden in the rear view mirror I noticed two cars barreling down on us. One in my lane, the other in the lane to my right.

It all happened so fast.

They must have both been doing at least 80 or 90 mph, I was doing 50 and they flew by us. I thought about moving over, but it was way to late. The car in the right lane flew by me, and the car in my lane flew by us on the shoulder.


And if you've ever driven on the West Seattle Bridge you'll know that there aren't really shoulders. Just a small strip of extra pavement on the left hand side.

They flew by us so fast I couldn't even tell what type of cars they were, let alone get their license plates.

But oh man, I wish I would have gotten their plates.

I mean seriously, what the hell.

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