Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commute Hell

I don't mind my commute, I would rather walk, or ride the bus, but I love my job, so I commute via car from West Seattle to Bellevue.

It usually isn't so bad.  The mornings are quite pleasant actually.  24 minutes, door to door.

The evenings are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually not horrible.  Even during the I-90 construction my commute home was still only about 40 minutes, door to door.

And then yesterday, some idiot didn't secure his load (apparently) and caused a huge wreck on I-90 West, right at the start of the Evergreen floating bridge.  And the commute stopped.

It took me almost 65 minutes to get from my office in the heart of Bellevue to I-90.

2 hours and 3 minutes, door to door.

In the 85 degree Seattle heat wave.



Roberta said...

did pulling over for a manny's cross your mind?


Seana Barker said...

Are you at all interested in a carpool? Looking for another to rideshare with us from West Seattle to Bellevue - email me at rockergirl5678@yahoo.com if you are.

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