Tuesday, July 14, 2009

P-O-P: Pissed Off Percy

We have an angry cat.

He is just generally pissed off.

His glass is always 1/2 empty, his food bowl is never full enough, he hates his brothers (the cat one that humps him and the dog one that just annoys him).

Mostly he hates being teased, touched, or bothered.

He wants to be left alone with his bad self.

We know that, and we tell everyone that comes into our house "Just leave Percy alone, he's mean and angry, and if provoked, will bite you, hard".

They never listen.

Everyone thinks, oh he won't bite me, I'm a cat person, I know cats.

You don't know Percy.

Brandon, our new brother-in-law, did not listen.

"Stop petting Percy" we said "He'll bite you", "Just leave him alone", "I can't watch, you're gonna get him angry".

As always his response, like those before him, was "Oh, he's not so bad", "He won't bite me", "I'm used to cats".

You don't know Percy.

Chomp. Ouch. Blood. Swelling. Doctor. Tetanus shot. Antibiotics.

Lesson learned (we hope!).

Brandon, you now know Percy.

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