Monday, August 10, 2009

I Despise Shopping For Rugs

Especially kitchen rugs.

Yesterday I went looking for new kitchen rugs for Chris's family cabin.  I had purchased some new ones last year but had made the mistake of getting light green ones.

Light green, in a cabin, on Puget Sound, where we go fishing, and beach walking, and it rains....a lot.

So I thought hey, I'll go look for some darker rugs, with non-skid backing, and a low profile (to fit under the doors).

Sound easy enough right?  I thought so.  I went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Marshalls.

I found lots of cream colored rugs.  And the light green and light blue ones.  I'm pretty sure they were all bathroom rugs.  I found some nice dark colored wool rugs, without non-skid, and well...wool.  In damp Puget Sound?  No thanks. 

And then I found what I thought was going to be the jackpot.  At Marshalls.  In the very back.  On the bottom shelf.  I spotted some blackish, low profile, non-skid rugs.  And I pulled them out one by one......Roosters.  ROOSTERS.  ROOSTERS on every single one.  There must have been 20 rugs there.  Perfect rugs, the right size, the right profile, the non-skid, the dark color.......but there were ROOSTERS!

I'm pretty sure ROOSTERS don't fit into our cabin theme.

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