Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch Out For 900 UQX

Wow, I am still a bit shaken after my experience this morning during my commute.

I hate commuting via car, I've mentioned this before, but today my commute tops my list of all time worst experiences.

I don't tailgate. In my book it is unsafe and rude to the person in front of you. As I was merging from the West Seattle Bridge onto I-5 this morning I was probably 3 car lengths behind the person in front of me. This apparently infuriated the man driving the compact car behind me. He had been tailgating me for about a mile, but as we approached the merge he began to flash his lights (seriously!) and narrow the already short distance between our vehicles.

Trying not to be rattled, I maintained my speed, which apparently infuriated him further. At this point he sped into the shoulder, around me on the right, and then cut directly in front of me, dangerously close to my front bumper.

Of course I was a bit freaked out so I hit my horn. I continued to honk at him as he came to a stop, in front of me, now on I-5, in the middle of rush hour. He then put his car in park, ON I-5 (!!!), got out and began yelling at me, pointing at his watch (apparently he was in a hurry, such a hurry that he had time to stop ON I-5), and flipping me the bird.

I'm sure I looked like an idiot as I slowly took my hand off the horn and sat their with my mouth wide open and a look of surprised disgust on my face.

Finally, after he had made his point (??!?) he got back into his car, began to drive forward, and then cut off the car next to him on the left and sped into the morning.

In a moment of clarity during the event I managed to memorize his license plate. Dear West Seattle-ites, keep an eye out for 900 UQX, he's on the verge.

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