Saturday, January 16, 2010


You probably know this already since everyone and their dog (literally) seems to have a Facebook page, but this week is supposed to be wayback week and you're supposed to change your profile picture to a retro one of you as a kid. Seems a bit silly, but after a while it really started catching on and there are some pretty hilarious and cute photos popping up.

I decided to dig up some old photos, scan them in, upload them to Facebook, and tag all my friends. Here are a few of the ones I scanned in.

1983 Brownies - Check out the beauty we had for a troop leader (HI MOM!)

1984 Brownies - Currently my Facebook profile picture!

1986 Abby's Pizza Fastpitch Softball Team

1989 or 1990 Shockers Fastpitch Softball Team

1992 Summer Breeze Dance

1991 JV Tennis

1992 Varsity Tennis

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