Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emma "The Bully"

Emma lives up the street from our house. Emma is a happy, playful, dopey yellow lab. Emma likes to escape from her yard and often we find her and return her home.

Last week I was walking Jet across the street from Emma's house when leash free happy go lucky Emma runs up. Now, Jet and Emma are friends, but poor little Jetty is about 1/5th her size. Emma started bouncing all around, hopping up and down, trying to get Jet to play, and she accidentally knocked him over. There was yelping and Jet was a bit freaked out. The noise alerted Emma's Dad and he ran over and grabbed her and took her home.

Jet, a bit frazzled, followed me home keeping a wary eye out for Emma.

Last night, after we'd returned home from dinner, our doorbell rang. Emma's two sisters (super cute little girls) were at our door with a Valentine gift for Jet from Emma. A little bag of heart shaped dog treats. And attached to the bag was the following note:

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Angie Marmion said...

Omg. Brought tears to my eyes. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

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