Monday, February 15, 2010

A Month!!

Oh my gosh.

It has been a month since I posted on my blog. A month. And honestly, I don't have much to post other than "A MONTH"!

But here are some bullets about what has been going on in the past MONTH:

  • I went to a week long conference for work and ran the projector. Go me.
  • I was awarded a President's Club trip to Maui, Hawaii. Yahoo!!
  • Chris dug up some lawn in our backyard. Now it is mud. Turns out that Jet loves mud.
  • I finished our taxes. Hurray for the energy tax credit.
  • A coworker and her baby girl passed away. Much sadness around the office.
  • We went to the Fly Fishing Film Tour with Angie and Brandon. We didn't win any goodies but we each got a nice yellow hat.
  • I've become addicted to Vampire Romance Novels thanks to Jenn.
  • Chris gave me a Le Creuset French Oven for Valentine's day. I can't wait for him to cook for me with it.
  • Chris got a Kindle. I now want a Kindle. I might just snag his while he isn't looking.
  • My parents are traveling the Southwest and keep calling with stories of sun, and pools, and good friends. I'm happy for them, but oh so very jealous.
  • Percy decided he's too big to fit in the litter box so he just goes in front of it. Boy that has been fun. Try googleing BIGGEST LITTER BOX EVER and notice how few options there really are.
  • It is spring in Seattle already and I haven't skied once yet this year.
See, really nothing too exciting........but really....A MONTH??
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