Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bad Pants Karma

I've been having issues lately keeping the seems of my pants together.

Example 1: I recently purchased a pair of work slacks (you know, those awesome wrinkle free kind they have now). I purchased them from my favorite clothing store Eddie Bauer. I purchased the same size and style that I always do. I was very excited.

That is until the first time I wore them, to work. I'm not sure how long it was before the seam split and I noticed, but it could have been up to 6 hours.

Oh, and it wasn't just a simple leg seam split. Oh no, it was a middle of the butt split. Of course, at work. I claimed that I was cold and wore my long jacket the rest of the day.

The next day I packed the pants back up and returned them to the store. No questions asked, they replaced my pants with a new pair.

Fast forward a week. I decided to wear my new new pants to work, put them on and proceeded to get ready for work. Luckily the brilliant side of me decided to examine the new pants before leaving the house this time. Low and behold, guess what I found. Yep, a hole in seam of the pants. Yep, middle of the butt.

Fast forward another few days and I find myself back at the store again returning the pants. The gentleman at the counter was very friendly and helpful, up until the point where he suggested that perhaps I buy a bigger size. That isn't something you suggest to a woman. End of story. I calmly tried to explain how I hadn't even worn this pair. He then brought forward another pair, same size/style as my previous two and suggested that I maybe try again. Again, in my brilliance I asked to examine the pants before I left the store. Oh, and guess what, there was the beginnings of a hole in the seam, middle of the butt! I asked for a refund instead.

Example 2: Another fairly new pair of work pants, I've worn them a handful of times, this time purchased at Nordstrom. And again, who knows how long I was walking around with a hole in my pants but it could have been anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. Oh and this time, instead of a middle of the butt seam hole, the hole was on the opposite side of my body, same region, you get the picture. Oh yeah, and bright pink underwear. Awesome.

I'm switching to skirts.

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