Sunday, November 21, 2010

Percival Jones House: August 10, 1997 - November 16, 2010

Percival, Percy, Pman, Peterman, Petey, Big Kitty, Big Pete

Last week we lost our good buddy. He was quite the cat. Or as Kevin Mullarky says "He was a real prick of a cat". If you've met Percy, you know exactly what he meant.

Percy was.....well, Percy was a bit evil. It takes me both hands to count the number of people that had to visit their doctor because of a Percy bite. He had a dirty dirty mouth.

But he was my buddy. Percy and I went through a lot together. He and I even moved to San Diego and back together. When no one else was looking, he'd climb up on my lap and purr and purr.

Percy loved food. He REALLY loved food. He also loved surveying his land. We'd let him out the back door and he'd just roam, sniffing about, and then he'd find a spot to lay down and just take it all in. He also loved drinking from the tub. And he loved telling you all about it. He was a loud kitty.

Chris, Ares, Jet and I all miss Percy (well, maybe not Ares, and I'm not really sure Jet noticed...but Chris and I miss him for sure).

He was quite a cat.

RIP Percy, we'll keep an eye on Pound Kitty for you.

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