Monday, April 18, 2011

Duwamish Alive!

Saturday, Chris and I spent the day helping out with a cleanup effort on the Duwamish River for the Duwamish Alive event. Argosy Cruises donated the services of the Beaver (the Argosy work boat) for the event, Chris was the captain and I came along to help out. Chris kept telling me that my #1 chore was to not get injured. That is always a good thing for me to aspire to, but not always achievable. Luckily Saturday was one of my "good days".

There were volunteer events all along the Duwamish but we were stationed near the kayak cleanup. Volunteers took donated kayaks out onto the river to pick up trash. When they had filled a bag full they would then bring us the trash to haul back. We also spent some time picking up our own trash. My big find was a floating 40, empty with the cap on.

All in all it was a great day, and time well spent.

It was a very chilly morning on the waterfront:

Slowly the sun began to shine:

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