Monday, May 02, 2011

Good Friends / Good Times

Two Saturday's ago Chris and I met up with Angie, Brandon, Joe and Jennifer to take in an M's game. The outing started with a stop at Fado for some pre game beers where we were surrounded by bunnies. No really, surrounded by bunnies....well people dressed like bunnies. And a few dressed like skunks, turtles, and sluts (bunny sluts).

After we surrvived the bunny invasion we wound our way to The Safe to take in the game and were treated to a 9-1 loss by our Seattle Mariners. At least the company was great.....

Oh, and if you take in a M's game this year, be warned that the center field landing is now a complete meat market. I mean really, worse than it used to be...and I didn't think that was possible.

At least the M's won.....oh wait....

Chris & Joe

Angie & Brandon

Jennifer & Courtney (no one knows what I'm doing here.....)

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