Monday, December 11, 2006

American Idol - Allstar Fitness Edition

There must be something in the shower water at my gym, but today people were singing like the world was theirs. Here I was, on the elliptical trainer, minding my own business, reading the OK magazine article about TomKat's wedding and this guy gets on the elliptical right next to me. Now mind you we're the only two people in the entire gym and he gets on the machine RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Deep breath, I just keep going. About 2 minutes later, said man wearing 1980's headphones attached to his Sony WALKMAN begins to sing. Not humming along with his music but outright SINGING. Loud! It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I could have understood what exactly he was singing, but I'm pretty sure the words that were coming out of him weren't in a logical order. After a little while I begin to tune him out at which time a woman enters the gym and gets on the treadmill 3 machines to my right (crazy man is 1 machine to my right). She begins her run and about 30 seconds into it starts yelling at the front desk attendant (Jen) to come change the music on the boom box. Once Jen changes it for her she begins to, yep you guessed it, SING. At least she was singing along with the music so I knew at least the gist of it. But there they were, lady and man, signing, like they were the only two people in the room. Did they not see me there? Needless to say I went up and sang in the shower.


Anonymous said...

Well, what was she singing? Discerning readers want to know!

KikiRiki said...

The Jackson 5 - ABC

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