Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris! (aka no power part 2)

Yep, we have no power at home. Yesterday right before Chris left for work in the morning the power went out. When we got home last night we still didn't have power. At that point the house was 58 degrees. Not as bad as last time but still cold. So you ask yourself, Chris and Courtney must have wised up after the last bout with no power and at least gotten some real firewood and maybe a lantern. No, sadly no. We're just not that smart. When I was at Safeway last Sunday they had huge piles of firewood and batteries and flashlights. But did I buy any? No. Why would I?? We had our power back. *kick kick kick* So, we packed up and headed to Safeway to get some of said wood. Sadly, they had sold out of it on Monday. They did however have a few logs of compressed coffee grounds ( They actually work really well! So we got a couple of those and a 12 pack of beer and headed home to ride out the situation. We even ordered a pizza and played Yatzee. Good times. Luckily the house stayed around 58 degrees. Not too bad really. I ended up going to bed around 8:30pm due to lack of activities that didn't involve me getting out from under my down blanket with the penguins on it. At around 2am Chris woke me up saying "We have power!!". I was so excited, I leaned over to re-set my alarm clock and as my nice warm arm touch the cold air outside of the blankets the power went back out. Heart wrenching. Luckily my internal clock woke me up around 5:50am and I was able to take a shower in the dark and make my bus. I am happy to say that as I left our house there was a power truck across the street working on the lines. Hopefully Chris will wake up to power on his birthday!!!

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