Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It was a RE-ROUTE!

Ok Mr. Crazy bus driver from yesterday. If the bus is re-routed it is ok to let your passengers know so that they're not in the back of the bus thinking that they are being driven to their deaths. This morning, so as not to repeat yesterday, I drug my sorry butt out of bed at my usual time, even though I was up really late last night and may have had a few too many winter beers, and caught my normal bus. As we made the turn towards the bridge my usual bus driver came on the intercom and said "Well folks, just like yesterday we've been re-routed and will have to go down 1st Ave S". *Sigh of relief* So that explains the route we took, but golly gee it in no way explains the crazy erratic bus driving. I, like many other folks, would probably be very happy being a few minutes late because of a re-route, rather than dying in a fiery crash!!!!!

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