Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Hump Day

I hadn't heard that phrase in quite some time and someone pulled it on me today. Reminds me that sometimes I'm way to focused on getting to the end of a week that I forget to enjoy the middle of it.

I signed up for LinkedIn sometime ago and just recently started exploring it. You can search for former coworkers and reconnect to them. Today, happily, I received 2 such reconnection's followed shortly by emails from said former coworkers. What a happy experience, reconnecting via email with people I enjoyed in former lives and hearing where the time has taken them. One is currently a farmer in Brazil (!) and the other is a VP for the same company we were coworkers at. It amazes me how near or how far 5 years can take one. If you haven't signed up for LinkedIn yet, I suggest you do, you just might find a ray of sunshine and reconnect with an old friend.

There has been some progression in my on-going saga of getting new contacts. I went to Globe Optical yesterday for my "squeezed in appointment". Waiting in the waiting area I overheard some interesting tidbits. Apparently the doctor that was there previously left recently, taking all of the files with her. That is why they needed all of my information again, and why the workers are so bitter (still no reason for taking it out on me!). They were still very rude but I did get some more sample contacts (a different brand this time) and hopefully will be getting a full set of replacements soon. The doctor said she'd pick up the bill. We'll see about that.....

Off to class - only 29 more to go!! Tonight we have a new teacher......

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