Tuesday, January 30, 2007


*ring ring*

Girl on phone - "Hello Globe Optical"

Me - "Hello yes, I called yesterday and spoke to you about a problem I'm having with my contacts. You were going to look some information up and call me back, I never heard back from you"

Girl on phone - "Oh, right, yeah, ummmm....I tried to call you but the phone number you gave me didn't work, umm...yeah...."

Me - "Ok, well what did you find out"

Girl on phone - "Right, what was your name again"

Girl on phone - "Oh, yeah, and what was the problem"

Me - explained the entire thing again, and included how my lot number is not on the recall list

Girl on phone - "Oh, well you'll have to come in for an appointment, we can squeeze you in this afternoon - what was your name again, oh and do you have a phone number"

Me - *wondering exactly how much this is now going to cost*

*double sigh*

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