Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's tough to be this good....

Why is it that things I hate I'm really good at. Back in school I hated Math, but somehow I could just look at problems and see the answer. Last night we played the Seafarers of Catan - an expansion for the Settlers of Catan. Not my idea of a really fun game. You get cards and buy things and build things and it's like Sim City or something for a board game. Just really not my thing. But somehow, every time we play these games I somehow win. I don't have a strategy, I really don't want to play, but I win. And I win by a landslide. I guess this constitutes as bragging, but it just seems plain silly to me.

I hated math and math type classes and I'd get 4.0s in those classes.
I loved literature and writing and reading and all that and I could barely squeak by with a 3.0 in those classes.
I love trivia but I always seem to get the questions that only Google knows the answer to.
I don't really care for the Catan games, but I collect tons of cards and buy lots of things, and win.

Where is the justice in that.

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