Monday, January 08, 2007

Wenatchee is a war zone.

According to my mother, Wenatchee currently looks like a war zone. Sustained winds of up to 60 mph in town hit yesterday (130 mph clocked at the top of Mission Ridge). My parents house and office have been without power since about noon yesterday. Their fence has been blown down. The neighbors no longer have trees in their yard. A large tree is leaning on the roof of their office. My cousin Frank called from up near Mission Ridge and said that all of the big, neat, old trees at Lincoln Park have been blown down. (Here is the story) What is with this crazy weather!! In Seattle tomorrow we're supposed to get snow and more wind. I'm sending Chris to the store tonight to load up on firewood.

Oh! And a shout out to my brother on his way to Japan. Safe travels bro, and try not to eat anything too crazy. Raw horse? Yuck!

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