Monday, January 29, 2007

O2 Optix

I have so/so eyesight and require contacts or glasses at all times to see. My last experience at the eye doctor was less than optimal. I ended up purchasing 6 months worth of contacts from them at the price of $64 (a week later I found the same ones at Costco for $24). The first pair I wore, after about 4 hours, caused me great discomfort and I had to virtually rip them out of my eyes. I thought I had perhaps scratched my eye and that is why they were so painful. I wore my glasses for a week or so, let my eye heal, and then yesterday decided to try another new pair. The exact same thing happened. This morning I decided to do a little investigating on the interwebs and came across this: O2 Optix Recall.

Now, I understand that this sometimes happens. But don't they have a way to get the information out that there was a recall to those of us who purchased their product. I haven't been contacted by anyone. Oh well, I'm glad to at least know what it was now.

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Anonymous said...

O2 optix is a very good product. Although there is some problem when it came out. Now it becoming more and more popular.

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