Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid *grr*

Ok - so NEVER EVER EVER go to Globe Optical. They have so severely wronged me, I am never going back there, and to top it off I'm going to find all review sites and give them a bad one. I am so disappointed. I called them today to ask about the contact recall. The women who answered, who must have been eating her breakfast, sounded very annoyed that I would bother her with this matter. I gave her the lot number of my contacts and she said "I don't have that document here on my desk, I'll have to find it and I'll call you right back". I gave her my name and number and hung up. That was 7 1/2 hours ago. After waiting about 3 hours I decided to investigate the O2 Optix website ( I found a news release that told about the recall. The symptoms that were described were mine to a T. So I called them up. After being on hold for quite sometime I finally reached a live body. I gave her my lot number, told her of my dilemma. She said she was very sorry but my lot number was not recalled. This means that I can't get my contacts replaced. In a huff I went searching online for replacement contacts (since I can't wear the ones I have apparently). All the online contact sellers have notices that their O2 Optix are on back order until further notice. I suppose it is time for Lasik.


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