Monday, February 05, 2007

Busy Weekend

We had quite the busy weekend. Saturday we got up early and my cousin and his wife (Cam & Cheri) met us at our house for a day at Crystal Mountain. The drive there was fairly uneventful. The roads were bare and dry and the conversation was pleasant. Upon our arrival we realized just how little snow they've had since Christmastime. There was plenty to ski on, but the snow was worn out. It had been melted, frozen, groomed, and skied so much that it just wanted to sleep. Luckily there were short lift lines so we got some "ok" skiing in. While we were sitting in the lodge at lunch however the Crystal I remember from my youth came shinning through. The rains began to fall.....and not just a drizzle really, full on rain. But heck, if I'm going to pay $53 for a lift ticket I'm going to ski, rain or shine. So we finished out the day sopping wet and exhausted, but all in all it was pretty fun. It was Cheri's first experience on skis - hopefully we'll be able to get her out there again. I tried to tell her that it isn't always raining.......

Sunday morning Chris and I got up early, bustled to clean the house, and got ready for our Super Bowl company to arrive. Chris made some wonderful Meatballs, I made Aunt Cindy's artichoke dip with Courtney's addition (jalapenos) and deviled eggs, Christy & Jer brought over fried chicken and a yummy beer/cheese dip, and James & Chad brought lots of chips and beer. We stuffed ourselves while watching the game. Fun times.

At some point during the game I remembered that I had filled out a questionnaire about the game for our office pool. I pulled it up on my email and was pleased to find out that I was doing quite well. This morning when I walked into the office I was greeted by an email stating that I'd actually won the pool. I got 17/20 right! This entitled me to the grand prize of $120. Yay me! Here are the questions and their correct answers (the ones in red are those that I missed).

Super Bowl XLI – Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts – Sunday, Feb 4th, 2007 – Miami, FL

1. Who will be the winning team? Colts

2. Which team will cover the spread? Colts

3. Which will be the first team to score? Bears

4. Will a player rush for more than 100 yards? Yes - Rhodes

5. Will a quarterback pass for more than 300 yards? No

6. Will a receiver catch at least eight passes? Yes - Addai

7. Will there be a blocked kick or punt? No

8. Will replay reverse a call? Yes

9. Will a kickoff or punt be returned for a touchdown? Yes - Hester

10. Will a safety be scored? No

11. Will there be a successful field goal over 47 yards? No

12. Will there be a fake field goal or punt? No

13. Will there be a successful two-point conversion? No

14. Will either defensive unit record five sacks? No

15. Will either defensive unit score a touchdown? Yes - Colts

16. Will any one player fumble at least twice? Yes - Grossman

17. Will either starting quarterback be replaced (for any reason)? No

18. Will either team score in the final two minutes of the first half? No

19. Which quarterback will record the higher passer rating? Manning – 81.8 (Grossman had a 68.3)

20. Will the game end with a kneel down? No


Total Points: 46 Total points (I guessed 38 - but didn't need the tiebreaker!)

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