Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The last two days have been really foggy. Last night riding the bus home the bus driver kept missing stops because the fog was so thick. After walking just a few blocks from the bus stop home my coat was covered in misty dew and my hair was damp. I must say I LOVE FOG. It's so cool and mysterious. Objects have fuzzy edges in the fog and who knows what you'll find around the next bend. In my case, this morning, I found Christmas lights around the next bend. On my walk to the bus this morning I took a slightly different route and ended up on a side street filled with houses sporting Christmas lights. I don't remember a street so festively decorated during the holidays but here, right in the midst of February was a street full of holiday cheer. Keep in mind, this wasn't just one house where they were annoying their neighbors, it was a whole row of houses. At least 5. I wish I had a really fancy camera that would take adequate fog pictures so that I could represent what I saw this morning. I also am glad that I didn't so that I can keep that memory treasure to myself forever.......

Here is a picture that my friend Matty sent to me today, taken at his New Years Party. Good times!!!

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