Friday, February 02, 2007

Recent Reviews

So here are a bunch of new to me places I've been recently and what I thought of them.

The Pink Door
Location - Pike Place Market
Ambiance - Old School Fancy, soft lighting, interesting decor.
Food - We were there for happy hour and tried the Roasted Garlic and Spread plate. $5. Excellent. Came with lots of fresh bread and a side of olive oil for dipping.
Drink - Again, Happy Hour - Yummy Manny's Pale Ale on Tap ($2). Also Red Menace by Hales ($2). My cousin's wife Cheri had the Pino Grigio ($3). She seemed to really enjoy it.
Service - Very friendly and attentive.

Rating - 4 stars

The Virginia Inn
Location - 1st and Virgina - Downtown
Ambiance - Wonderful wooden bar. Cramped seating, mostly 2 tops.
Food - I had the sausage sandwich. Quite tasty. The gumbo looked great.
Drink- Manny's on Tap! as well as Chopper's Red. Lots of other good beers too.
Service - Fairly Decent. Nothing spectacular.

Rating - 3.5 Stars

Puerto Vallarta
Location - California Avenue - West Seattle. Across from Elliot Bay Brewery.
Ambiance - A little on the dirty side for my taste and sort of white trashy.
Food - I ordered the chicken fajitas. Probably the worst I've ever had. Chris really enjoyed his Tacos Supremo.
Drink - Chris had some crazy strong margarita. I think it was a little too strong! I had a Pacifico. Hard to go wrong there.
Service - Not really great, not terrible. Just sort of so/so.

Rating - 2 Stars

ZigZag Cafe
Location - Steps to the waterfront below Pike Place Market (next to the crying pig Mexican restaurant).
Ambiance - Was incredible until the place started to fill up and the noise became deafening. It has cement ceilings (right Matty?) and the sound just bounced around. Still the bar is comfy and entertaining and they have some wonderful velvet booths.
Food - None
Drink - Maritime beers ($3) on tap as well as numerous fancy cocktails only $5 for happy hour. We watched the bartender make one that he lit on fire. Whoa!
Service - Incredible. I'd go back just for the service.

Rating - 4.5 stars

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