Friday, April 20, 2007

My Husband is the Coolest

There are a lot of perks that Chris gets with his job. There is often beer or wine to try, boats to ride on, cookies to taste, hockey games to go to, etc. But one of the best perks is his connections for random concerts. Tonight we were invited to go to the Super Diamond concert at The Showbox!!!!! I am so incredibly excited I can barely sit still. Super Diamond rocks!! And the "Surreal Neil" is one not to be missed.

I first saw Super Diamond in 2001, shortly after moving to San Diego. They were playing at the Catamaran hotel in Mission Bay. My friend Caroline from work was a huge fan and got a bunch of us tickets. We sang along and danced all night to the Neil Diamond covers. It was amazing. After that I saw them play a handful of times. Once at Canes Bar & Grill and once at the Belly Up. Every time I saw them had the best times!! I have only seen them once since moving back to Seattle, but tonight is going to be awesome. To top it off, our tickets include VIP privileges. Maybe I'll get to meet the "Surreal Neil"???????? Oh am I going to wait all day?!

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