Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend of Fun!!

Oh man, I am so tired, but it was so worth it. I love jam packed weekends of fun.

Friday night of course was Super Diamond, and let me tell you, they were super! We had dinner before hand at Pike Place Brewing (not so super). I really have to remember that their food is just not so great. Their beers, so yummy, their food, not so yummy. Oh well.

We then headed over to the Showbox where we were greeted by the guys from Alaskan Brewing Co. We were given bottle caps that were good for the new Alaskan IPA. Oh so yummy. There was an opening band. They were named "Stay Tuned". They were an 80s sitcom cover band. Ha! They played the theme songs from WKRP in Cincinnati, Silver Spoons, Charles in Charge, Cheers, Land of the Lost and a few others, but with a grungy, loud, edge. After they were done it was time....time for the Surreal Neil to dazzle! They came on stage and right away dove into "Coming to America"!! Complete with band member prancing around the stage waving an American Flag. At the end he shot confetti out of the end of the flag pole. Oh so awesome. Of course they didn't end up coming on stage until about 10:30 so we only stayed for about 12 songs. But they were 12 awesome, wonderful, killer, Neil Diamond songs. I love you Super Diamond!

The next morning I had to be at Green Lake for a Warming Hut Hotties training walk. We did a 7 mile loop from Green Lake to Maple Leaf down to the U District and back. It was a great route filled with hills! I also was able to hand off my Auction items.

My walk team - The Warming Hut Hotties - is holding a fund raising silent auction on May 5th on Queen Anne to raise money for the 3day walk (invitation can be found here). We were each responsible for collecting at least 3 items for the auction. I was able to get my mother in law to donate a beautiful quilt, her friend wanted to help too so she donated another beautiful quilt, my friend Christy donated 3 framed photos that she had shot (2 of Seattle and 1 of Snoqualmie Falls), my friend Victoria was able to get us 2 tickets to the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the nice folks at Argosy Cruises donated dinner for 2 on the Royal Argosy. I also sent out a ton of emails to various Seattle establishments asking for donations. In return I got 2 tickets to Jazz Alley, tickets to Sunset Bowl for free games of bowling, and gift certificates to Aqua Verde for the cafe and the kayak rentals. And that is just the items that I've collected!! Our auction is going to awesome.

Last night we ventured back downtown to witness the Rat City Rollergirls bout #3 for 2007! Grave Danger fell to the visiting Bay City Derbygirls, but they put up quite a fight. We left before the second bout was over but I'm fairly certain that the Derby Liberation Front stomped the Socket Wenches (when we left it was like 120 to 40). If you haven't yet been to a Rat City bout I suggest you get yourself out there and get tickets to Bout 4 on May 26th. Fun times!!


Will "Randy Williams" Lanni -- Bassist for Stay Tuned said...

Hey there!! Glad you had a good time at the Stay Tuned / Super Diamond show! We aim to please! I'm not sure... were you right up front?

KikiRiki said...

Nope - we were in the back in the Alaskan IPA beer garden!! Great show :)

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